Who We Are

PDF is a non-political non-government social development organization was established in 2012 intended to work for the poor and rural people to reduce human poverty and also increase the income. It provides high quality flexible financial and social services to low-income people, particularly the poor women.


The poor and underprivileged people have consecutively been exploited and victims. They will work for the betterment of their life. The organization will just play the role of catalyst.


To establish a sustainable organization devoted to other and ensure quality and responsible service to improve the self-esteem and self-confidence of members especially women to establish self-employed sustainable livelihood dignified life.

Organizational Objectives


To undertake Institution building, Micro-Finance program, Agriculture & Social Forestry, Poultry & Livestock, Education Programs.


To organize the destitute, poor, and disadvantaged people in groups and develop collective leadership among them.


To facilitate member to create employment opportunity through skill development generating self-financed capital and organization support.


To impart training to enhance the capability of the members to select plan and manage a feasible IGA. So that it can enable them to increase the purchasing capacity subsequently the quality of life.


To increase access to educational opportunities for children, adolescent and adult members through non-formula education and literacy centres.


To produce a wide range of services relating to human rights, family law and legal support to protect vulnerable victims from any sorts of oppression.


To undertake various environmental including environmental education, plantation, solid water management, etc, and ensure safe and hygienic water and sanitation program.

The principal aim and objectives its to establish a happy and prosperous and self-reliance and strong social structure as well as poverty-free Bangladesh through filling up the fundamental demand of the mass and common people of Bangladesh.

PDF wants such equity and poverty free country where the dignity and security of men shall subsist altogether.